ResNet Printing

ResNet provides high quality laser printing services to all current residents of UCSB Housing. Printers are provided at the front desk of each residence hall or in a nearby community center. Charges will be applied against your Collaborate printing allowance, and can be added to using Gauchobucks.

The charges for printing are as follows.

  • Color $0.15 /page
  • Grayscale $0.10 /page
  • Color Duplex $0.06 /side
  • Grayscale Duplex $0.04 /side

To print jobs simply login to GauchoPrint using your UCSB NetID and password, then follow the process below.

Refunds for failed printing can be processed by selecting "Get Help" from the left, then "Getting Support", and "Requesting a Refund" on the following page.
PLEASE NOTE: All refund requests must be submitted within 48 hours of the original print job.

GauchoPrint Step by Step

  • Go to and log in with your UCSB NetID/Password.
  • Utilize the “First time Setup” and “Get Help” tabs on the left for per-device instructions.
  • After utilizing those and printing your document from your machine to the Housing
    queue, scan the QR code on your desired printer (using your phone while connected to UCSB wireless web or eduroam) to release the job. You will need to log in, and may have to scroll down to hit the
    “release” button.
  • Please submit any questions by contacting ResNet support.

Gauchoprint Troubleshooting

You’re using a disallowed paper size (like A4 or Legal). Use Letter. A4 is commonly set as the default size for those with devices from other countries or set to languages other than English.

Choose Print > Print to PDF, and choose to print it as letter sized. Letter may be the default PDF size already. 

Word documents (.doc, .docx) are a format that is interpreted differently by any program or device that reads it. Always save the document as a PDF first, as this locks in the formatting. This is good advice for submitting to your professors or for resumes.


File > export/save as/download > PDF. Or Print > print to PDF.


You’ve likely input the wrong credentials in the past. Your Mac has saved these as the login info every time you use that printer. Delete it from your keychain and try again. Follow this guide, but look for the printers rather than a network. 


This is a permissions/security setting on your machine/profile. If you have an administrator profile or different security settings, this doesn’t happen. At this point, it’d just be easier to print from your phone.

Instructions available at > how to print for Android/iPhone. General process after setup is upload it to google drive, open document, “share and export” from the menu, then print and choose housing/library/collaborate queue.


You still had an old gauchoprint page open when you scanned it. Just close out your browser and scan again. This should take you to the queue.

There’s still another tray that holds 500+ sheets of paper. Each printer has 2 trays. Unless there’s a big orange “Out of Paper” warning screen, there is still paper in the printer. Something else is your reason for being unable to print.


Collaborate Print Spots. 

( ● Phelps 1521 

● HSSB 1203 

● PSYCH East 1804 

● Music 1401